Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Parliament of Owls

Jiggery piggery piggery poo.
Jiggery pokery piggery woo.
Applesauce, so sweat and tart
That went all jiggery too.

A parliament of owls flew in,
A meeting of feathery friends.
Hooting with their eyes wide shut,
They caucused till the night was out,
This parliament of owls.

Rhyme and reason are out of season
And those who think otherwise
Are guilty of treason.
Jiggery piggery piggery woo.

A band of coyotes rocked away.
A band of coyotes on parade.
They eat up ma then chewed on pa
And asked lil' Timmy to give 'em more.

Jiggery piggery piggery poo.
Jiggery wiggly piggery do.
A car of clowns have come to town
In a slap fest for the crown.
Jiggery piggery wiggly woo.