Saturday, August 06, 2011


"...And the name
of the star is called

A broken dream
In a hillbilly burg
So depressed
That the rust seeps
Through the water
Leaving grit in the mouth
Until every spoken word
Is bitter and terse.

“...It were a sea of glass
mingled with fire...”

All faith has gone
To the lost and found
Where it wanders like a stray
In the bad part of town

“...And there were stings
in their tails...”

Eden was once
In Ohio, right next
To a Dairy Queen.
All nestled in a valley
Of corn
Like a farm's boy dream
From the combine seat.
Softly whirls the thrasher,
So swiftly twirls the blades.

“...Who is worthy...
to loose the seals thereof?”

There is a silence in the heavens
In which the stars shall dim
And fade.