Monday, January 22, 2007

Destiny - A Prologue

"...Maybe any human being was his own enigma which he would take with him to the grave."
-William Faulkner

Its strange to say
but there's nothing to be done about it.
It's a junky world full of jukeboxes,
radios, and songs about love and death
and endless highways.
The concrete strings it all together.
Four lanes, six lanes, twenty or more,
if you can make sense of all that.
It's all the same.

More motion and less location.
You got to keep driving like a shark
in the sea.
The locus is the focus of reality.

The asphalt sings a lonely song,
a piston-popping hymn.
A dream of love and motor drive.

S&M, B&D
S-E-X, M-T-V.

Life is like a commercial break
with all of the boring parts
mixed in with crazy spurts of
nostalgia and revulsion.
Emotions make for the strongest cage.

Strange to say.
But maybe it's true
that the universe could exist
in a single drop of our morning coffee.

The universe is really a small place,
full of smaller specks.
There is no vital stuff
except electricity.
We call it destiny.

The outerbelt only seems that way.
Infinity is really just a circle
which is why we think it's eternal.
But we call it the outerbelt.
You could live on it forever.
Strange to say.